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angle-left Katti Jensen

Katti Jensen

Functie Psychology Intern
Ms. Katti Jensen is a psychology intern at PsyQ International.
Katti was born to a Dutch mother and a Danish father and moved around frequently as a child. Before settling in the Netherlands for her education, Katti lived in countries including Senegal, Denmark, Belgium and Uganda. She has therefore grown up in a vast, international environment and has great understanding of the complexities accompanying a multicultural life.
Due to her experiences as an expat, Katti has always had a strong interest in cultural experiences and how these are related to human behavior and cognition. She therefore decided to follow an international degree in psychology at Leiden University. As an intern at PsyQ, she is excited to gain insight into various forms of therapeutic treatment. She is particularly interested to learn about schema therapy, mindfulness and group therapy. She hopes to use her understanding of the expat community and her knowledge within the field of psychology to provide support for individuals seeking help at PsyQ International.
In the future, Katti would like to build a career as an international psychologist. She hopes to continually expand her cultural understanding through travels and interactions with people from many different backgrounds.