PsyQ International

PsyQ International is part of PsyQ; the largest outpatient mental health organisation in the Netherlands. We bring the expertise of PsyQ to the expatriate community to give you the best treatment available.


Who we are

We know that being an expatriate brings special challenges and problems for both the expatriate and his or her family.

As an expatriate you may face many mental health challenges, living in the Netherlands far from home. You may experience difficulties adjusting to a new environment or experience feelings of loneliness and isolation as a result of being far away from your partner, family/relatives and friends. These or any other difficulties may lead to problems such as depression, anxiety or other psychological problems. These problems can be solved, but sometimes a little help is needed. We believe that we can only provide good care if we take into account the cultural background, the native language and the specific needs of anyone who needs our help. Therefore we offer our services and care specialised to expatriate needs. We believe that everyone is entitled to the best mental health care possible.

About PsyQ

PsyQ International Mental Health Services is an initiative of PsyQ; the largest outpatient mental health organisation in the Netherlands offering psychiatric help to people who are depressed, anxious or suffer from other psychological and psychiatric disorders. If you want to find out more about PsyQ, click here for the official website (sorry, only available in Dutch).