Complaints and feedback

We welcome your complaints and feedback. We take complaints or any other comments about our care and services very seriously. We truly regret if you are dissatisfied with the quality of our service. We view all complaints as an opportunity to improve our services and the care we deliver.

how to inform us

We need complaints in writing. Please state your complaint clearly and concisely and make sure that you state your name and your email or postal address so we can reply.

We prefer that you use our complaint form but you are free to put your complaint in a letter or email.


PsyQ International,  attn. managing director, Jan van Nassaustraat 125, 2596 BS Den Haag

Email:, subject: attn. managing director


online complaint form

We will acknowledge we have received your complaint within three working days. We will look into your complaint and get back to you within four weeks (at the latest) with a written respons, preferably by email.  We shall contact you if further information is needed.

Please note that complaints are usually resolved by phone and/or email.