Mental healthcare <br/>begins with people

"I am convinced that my own experience as an expat helps me to understand and relate to difficulties experienced by the expat community ."



Meet our staff

Mental health care begins with people, which is why our most unique resource is our staff of caring and deeply-committed individuals. Some have travelled thousands of miles to enhance their training and education. Others are, besides their training, either expats themselves or from international families, and they want to use their experience and skills to help our clients.

Board of directors:

Ms. Carien Pille, Managing Director

Ms. Chloé Ansari Moein, Psychiatrist/Medical Director


Componence Asset List

David Reid

Mr. David Reid is a psychology intern at PsyQ International.
Born and raised in The Netherlands while attending Dutch schools, international schools and universities in the country and outside. David has a diverse mindset that has allows him to have a versatile outlook and a flexible and open mind due to the complex intricacies of friends and family coming and going constantly throughout his academic career. Creating a most diverse community of friends and connections that gives him the opportunity to grow and get better at understanding puzzling cultural experiences from people all over the world.
Whilst studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland for a year, he started realizing his passion for psychology and has since then completed a Psychology Bachelor at Webster University, in Leiden and is currently enrolled in the International Clinical Psychology Master Program at Utrecht University.
David is hoping to become a psychologist that will be able use his expertise that he is learning to best help people who are seeking support and or help. He hopes that this internship at PsyQ will educate him with the necessary knowledge to kickstart his entry in the world of Clinical Psychology. His interests lie with Mindfulness, but he is also interested in learning various new treatment methods.
In the time to come he hopes to gain a significant amount of knowledge to give him a solid foundation to be able to create a career in Psychology. One of his main goals is definitely to learn and grow and better understand people, things, and ideas that are created and seen in this world.