Mental healthcare <br/>begins with people

"I am convinced that my own experience as an expat helps me to understand and relate to difficulties experienced by the expat community ."



Meet our staff

Mental health care begins with people, which is why our most unique resource is our staff of caring and deeply-committed individuals. Some have travelled thousands of miles to enhance their training and education. Others are, besides their training, either expats themselves or from international families, and they want to use their experience and skills to help our clients.

Board of directors:

Ms. Carien Pille, Managing Director

Ms. Chloé Ansari Moein, Psychiatrist/Medical Director


Componence Asset List

Eric Hoencamp

Functie Psychiatrist

Dr. Hoencamp is a psychiatrist working for PsyQ International The Hague

Dr. Hoencamp is an experienced psychiatrist with a broad range of experience in mental health, in particular mood and psychotic disorders. Besides his clinical work, he has for many years been active in the areas of research, teaching and management. In his clinical approach he regards the distinction between somatic and psychological disease as neither scientifically based nor functional.