Janna Tomassen Ms. Lubbers is a psychologist at PsyQ International Amsterdam. Read more
René Cané Molinari Mr. René Cané Molinari is a Psychologist at PsyQ International The Hague and Eindhoven. Read more
Jan Jeworutzki Jan works as a psychologist and psychotherapist in training at Psyq International  The Hague  and Amsterdam. Read more
Natascha EZG Huige Ms. Natascha Huige is managing director at PsyQ International. Read more
Johanna Ververs Johanna ( Hansje ) van Hellenberg Hubar is a medical doctor at PsyQ International, the Hague. Read more
Maartje de Graaf Ms. Maartje de Graaf is a psychiatrist at PsyQ International Amsterdam and The Hague. Read more
Maria Aragues Dr Aragues is a psychiatrist working for PsyQ International The Hague Read more
Cristina Baroncelli Ms. C. Baroncelli is a psychologist and EMDR therapist at PsyQ International Amsterdam. Read more
Jessica Cozzi Jessica was born in the UK to an English-Italian father and a Dutch mother. She grew up in the Netherland with the best of both worlds. After... Read more
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