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Beata Kovacs

Ms. Beata Kovacs is a psychology intern at PsyQ International.
Beata was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. She completed her BSc degree Psychology in Glasgow (UK) and her MSc in Health Psychology in Bath (UK). During her studies she combined her passion for helping people with her interest in arts and crafts, and worked at an art workshop for people with multiple mental and physical disabilities. She gained experience as an intern with clients with chronic mental health issues at two Hungarian hospitals, one of which was also a crisis intervention centre for people experiencing psychological crises. Since moving to the Netherlands in 2016, she continued following her dream of becoming a psychologist and is currently completing a second MSc in Clinical Psychology at the University of Leiden. Her extensive experience of living abroad and adjusting to different societies and ways of living makes her more sensitive to the issues people might face living as an expat in the Netherlands, and makes her determined to help them. When she is not working she enjoys running, crafts, learning languages and mindfulness.