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Dagmar Meister

Profession System Therapist
Ms. Dagmar Meister is a system therapist at PsyQ International

Ms Dagmar Meister was born and raised in Germany where she completed a degree in Social Pedagogics. She then moved to the Netherlands where she worked for ten years supporting women in their development and managed an integrative project for young Moroccan children and their mothers.

As she became more interested in helping people to overcome personal problems, she followed a training in Systemic Therapy. This therapy helps you reflect on important relationships by expressing and exploring difficult thoughts and emotions safely; this way you can gain a better understanding of your experiences, as well as how you see yourself and others.

During later years Dagmar lived in countries such as Brazil where she worked in a psychiatric hospital and Spain where she worked with expats, as well as living in New Zealand. Most recently she lived in London, working in private practice, before returning to the Netherlands.

She has a breadth of experience and an understanding how living abroad impacts on life and the many challenges that can come with it.

When she is not working Dagmar enjoys reading, yoga and painting.