Componence Asset List

Daniela Cocuzza

Functie Psychology Intern
Ms. Daniela Cocuzza is a psychology intern at PsyQ International

Daniela was born in Stockholm, Sweden with a Swedish mother and an Italian father growing up with two languages and cultures. Before moving to The Netherlands in 2013 she went travelling and lived in Australia for a year. Daniela completed her bachelor in Psychology and is currently completing her master in Clinical Psychology at Leiden University. During her bachelor she did an exchange semester in New Zealand studying social psychology, gender studies and theater at Otago University. Before beginning her studies Daniela worked a lot with children. She is a certified swimming-teacher and she has worked as a music teacher for children with special needs. She is also a member and volunteer of the Swedish organization RFSU that works to improve sexual education and increase sexual rights and abortion rights, educating children in schools on these topics. Daniela loves to travel, exposing herself to new experiences and learning about new cultures. In her free time she enjoys being in nature, doing yoga and cooking delicious plant based food.