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Jan Jeworutzki

Profession Psychotherapist

Mr. Jan Jeworutzki is a psychotherapist at Psyq International The Hague.

Born and raised in southern Germany, Jan got interested in other cultures early on by traveling and spending a year in the US during his secondary education. After graduation he went to the Netherlands to study  Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam and got his master's degree. During  that time he also studied at Melbourne University and travelled to Middle and South America. Having worked in the Netherlands for Brijder addiction services he returned to Germany to complete his training in Psychotherapy in Berlin, Germany. Here he worked in a psychiatric hospital, an outpatient center for addiction and ran a program for addicted inmates. For 4 years he has had his own Psychotherapy Practice in Berlin Kreuzberg treating both locals and expats.

Jan has acquired expat experience during his stays abroad and his studies in the Netherlands. Also having a Dutch wife and raising his children bilingually he knows what it means to be part of a multicultural system. All this has helped him to develop an open and culturally sensitive attitude while being a modern mental health professional.