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Danielle Hollreiser

Profession Psychologist
Ms. Danielle Hollreiser is a psychologist at PsyQ International.
Ms. Hollreiser was born and raised in the Netherlands with parents of British-Dutch and German nationality. This international background along with attending British schools in the Netherlands and the UK, enabled her to gain a deep insight into the challenges that expats face along with a profound awareness of different cultures and values.
Ms. Hollreiser graduated from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland where she specialised in Clinical Psychology. Since then she has worked in The Netherlands and followed extensive trainings in various treatment approaches and is specialised in Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Schema therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, and EMDR in order to ensure that her treatments can be tailored to the patients needs and be as effective as possible. Ms. Hollreiser is experienced in treating and coaching AD(H)D, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Anxiety Disorders (GAD, Specific Phobias, OCD and Social Anxiety), Cultural adjustment problems, Eating disorders, Self-esteem problems, Depression, Post-traumatic stress disorders, personality disorders and concerns surrounding Gender-Identity.
Ms. Hollreiser currently works with adults, children and adolescents from a variety of cultural backgrounds. She has recently returned from a sabbatical where she specialized further in the psychoanalytic perspective of developmental psychology at the University College London in collaboration with The Anna Freud Centre.
As well as an interest in human mind and behaviour and a strong desire to help people, her further passions include acting, music and fitness.