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Natasha Dobrova-Krol

Profession Psychotherapist
Ms. Natasha Dobrova-Krol is a psychotherapist at PsyQ International.

Ms. Dobrova-Krol was born in Ukraine and lived, studied and worked at different times of her life in Germany, Canada, UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Thus she developed a first-hand knowledge of the expat experience at different stages of her life: as a child, as an international student, visiting scholar, as an international consultant and professional, and last but not least as a parent and a partner.

She obtained her PhD in Child and Family Studies at Leiden University, and after that the post-graduate degree in Integrative Psychotherapy from RINO Utrecht. She is an accredited MBT-C (Mentalization Based Treatment for children) practitioner and supervisor, registered with the Anna Freud National Center for Children and Families in London, UK.

Ms. Dobrova-Krol’s expertise and experience cover various mental health difficulties and age groups that she approaches with integrative transdiagnostic forms of psychotherapy.
When treating her clients she seeks, together with them to look beneath the surface of problematic emotions, behaviours or relationships and to help them understand themselves and their difficulties, whilst offering a mentalizing space where positive changes can take place.