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Oda Marie Liodden

Ms. Oda Marie Liodden is a psychologist in training at PsyQ International

She originally is from Norway, however, she moved abroad to do her bachelor’s degree in Psychology in England, and then to the Netherlands to do a research master’s in clinical and developmental psychology at VU Amsterdam. Currently, she is doing a second master’s degree, in clinical psychology, at University of Leiden. In her spare time, she likes to hike, read, draw, and watch series or movies. She is also working on improving her Dutch and tries to incorporate meditation and exercise in her routine as a way to relax and stay healthy.

As a student abroad, you get a lot of support through university (e.g., housing, an international environment, a social environment, medical care). Despite all of this, you can feel completely lost and alienated from the life you knew in your home country. This is what made her interested in understanding how it is to relocate to a new country when you stand without these helping factors, be it as a working expat or as a refugee, and how to contribute to the thriving and well-being of people in this situation.

She takes a particular interest in the prevention and treatment of trauma-related mental health issues, such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety. At the same time, her educational background has had a fairly broad approach, and so she remains quite open as to what field she would like to specialise in. She also hopes to learn more about different types of therapy, how and when to apply them, and how to motivate clients, so that she eventually knows how to tailor the treatment to each client’s particular needs and wishes.