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Ricarda Proppert

Profession Psychology intern
Ms. Ricarda Proppert is a psychology intern at PsyQ International.
Ms Ricarda Proppert was born and raised in Germany, and came to The Netherlands for her studies. She finds it interesting how a country's history still shapes its culture, language, and individual life experiences in today's interconnected world. During a European Voluntary Service in Tirana, Albania, she was intrigued by the paradoxical sense of both foreignness and community when moving around the city, and how different aspects of her background and identity became salient depending on the social context. She hopes to continue working in a diverse and inclusive environment, and exploring ways to further decolonize both psychological science and clinical practice. In her private life, Ricarda enjoys the vibrant expat community among international students, as well as immersing herself into Dutch traditions. In the summers, she works as a deckhand on traditional sailing ships and enjoys kayaking on the Dutch waters.