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Samar Al Zayer

Profession Psychologist
Mrs. Samar Al Zayer is a psychologist at PsyQ International.

Samar is a third culture kid raised as an expat throughout her life. She completed her Bachelors degree in psychology from Vienna, along with studying International Human Rights. She obtained her Masters degree from Webster University in Leiden. Samar wrote her thesis on Third Culture Kids and Cultural Homelessness, and feels she truly understands an expats internal experiences. She has trained with clinical psychologists in John Hopkins Hospital Saudi Arabia, and worked with adults, teens and children in private practices in The Netherlands and the Middle East.

Samar helps patients navigate through their emotions and thoughts in a non-judgmental and compassionate space, using a variety of psychological treatments. Samar adjusts her methods depending on the patients individual needs, in order to help them achieve better mental health. Some of the issues Samar treats are: Depression, anxiety, mood disorders, personality disorders, adjustment issues, trauma, and ADHD.

From a very young age Samar felt compelled to study psychology along with human rights, to give people a chance at a better psychological and emotional well-being. During her free time Samar enjoys experiencing new cultures, music, photography, hiking and swimming. She provides therapy in both English and Arabic and works with children, teens and adults.