Componence Asset List

Tessa van der Meiden

Ms. Tessa van der Meiden is a psychology intern at PsyQ International.
Tessa is Dutch-Irish and is currently doing a Master’s in Clinical Psychology at Utrecht University. She recently finished her bachelors in neuroscience and psychology at University College Utrecht. Tessa grew up in an international family and has lived in many different countries in Europe, Africa, South America and the USA.
 All of these experiences turned out to be the perfect drive for understanding differences and similarities between people, and why it may be harder for some to adjust to new countries than others. Tessa is also very interested in other facets of mental health that people experience regardless of where they live, having specialised in trauma, depression, and grief. She believes in the benefits of a holistic approach, because people underestimate how many factors can influence mental health, and is constantly working towards leading a balanced lifestyle herself by making time for the activities she enjoys, such as baking, yoga, going to the gym, and street photography. At PsyQ International, Tessa is especially interested in learning and applying different forms of therapy, not only learning from her mentors but also in partnership with her clients, to see what is and isn’t effective for different people.
Tessa would like to become a certified cognitive behavioral therapist in the future as well as continuing to do research, and possibly working in a forensic setting.