04 november 2015


This week we are delighted to introduce one of our respected psychologists, Mr René Cané Molinari.

Mr Cané Molinari was born and raised in Chile where he graduated with his first BA in philosophy. Following that, he studied theology in Lebanon and after being awarded a BA he proceeded to study psychology in Rome. With a diverse background in philosophy and theology Mr Cané Molinari is able to speak fluent Spanish, English, Arabic, French and Italian.


When Mr Cané Molinari moved to the Netherlands he focused on a more scientific and evidence based approach to psychology. He completed his research master in cognitive and clinical neuroscience at the University of Maastricht, with a specialisation in psychopathology. During his second year at Maastricht, Mr Cané Molinari began working in the depression department at PsyQ in The Hague and in October 2013 he began working for PsyQ International. Mr Cané Molinari thoroughly enjoys the diverse and dynamic team at PsyQ International and the method of sharing work experiences together and operating with team support and under supervision. Mr Cané Molinari believes that this allows psychologists at PsyQ International to feel supported, to work to their highest level and to continually learn and improve. He states:

‘It can be hard to deal with human suffering, working as a team can give relief and support’

Mr Cané Molinari enjoys working with international patients as this allows him to use his multi-lingual talent and to work with diverse cultures and problems. He is particularly interested in existential therapy, for which he runs a bi-weekly group on Tuesday evenings. Mr Cané Molinari is currently finishing a psychotherapy specialization in Belgium, completing a PhD at Maastricht University and working as a therapist at PsyQ International in The Hague and Eindhoven.

Our colleague Mr René Cané Molinari  is now officially a PhD Candidate at Maastricht University