About our partners

PsyQ International works closely together with its partners to continuously improve mental health outcomes for all.


ACCESS is a not-for-profit organisation supporting the international community in the Netherlands. Whether you are working here on an expatriate assignment, have recently relocated, studying or have made Holland your home, then their free information and range of services are there to support you.
AngloINFO South Holland Everything you need to know about living in, or moving to, Zuid Holland, Netherlands. Health insurance information and healthcare service providers listings as detailed here.
Expat Center Amsterdam  The Expatcenter provides a one-stop shop service for international companies and their highly skilled migrant employees, as well as for start-up entrepreneurs and international students.
We also provide services for scientific researchers.
Holland Expat Center South  Holland Expat Center South is a joint initiative of the participating municipalities, the Immigration and Naturalisation Services (IND), Brainport Development, and the provinces of Noord-Brabant and Limburg. The main purpose is to help expats and their families to settle in and familiarize themselves within their new living and working environment. To quickly feel welcome and at home!
International Community Platform (ICP) ICP is a meeting place for international employers and service providers in the Greater The Hague region. Together they take action to improve the quality of life on topics relevant for international employees arriving to The Netherlands.
International Health Centre The Hague (IHCH) The IHCH mission is to provide a comprehensive, culturally-competent primary health care to the local and expatriate community of The Hague.
SGE International  At SGE International, visitors can expect a global approach with access to a medical team, (GP (family doctor), doctor’s assistant, nurse, physiotherapist, pharmacist, dentist and midwife), which has been trained to understand the needs of people from different cultural backgrounds. SGE is a region-wide provider of primary health care services.