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How do I register? You can register directly by telephone or email, or via the online registration form. PsyQ International The Hague: +31 (0)88 357 3478, Lees verder
Will my information be securely sent over the internet? PsyQ International strives to take all the security measures possible. However, there are always inherent risks associated with processing personal... Lees verder
What languages are spoken at PsyQ International? The main language spoken at PsyQ International is English. The intake usually takes place in English. Treatment is also available in: Arabic Dutch... Lees verder
What kind of mental health problems are treated at PsyQ International? Our healthcare professionals are specialized in the treatment of a broad range of mental health problems. Lees verder
Do I need to have a GP (family doctor) in the Netherlands? You need to bring a referral letter from your general practitioner (GP) or company doctor to the first appointment (i.e., intake). If you have seen... Lees verder
Are the professionals at PsyQ International familiar with the expat experience? Every staff member at PsyQ International is personally familiar with the expat experience and living abroad. Lees verder
Is it possible to schedule an appointment in the evening hours? Yes, PsyQ International is also open during some evenings until 8pm. The last appointment is at 7pm. Please note, however, that the first... Lees verder
Which personal information will be used? The following personal information will be used: Biographical and identification information Information for the health insurer (para)medical and... Lees verder
Will I get medication? Medication can be considered and when necessary prescribed in consultation with the Psychiatrist. Lees verder

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