Componence Asset List

Alice, 33 I had no idea what was happening to me. It all felt very chaotic and I had no control. Lees verder
Dylan, 49 I have now been sober for 5 years and have a job, great friends, more self-esteem and I am in a lot happier place. Lees verder
Linda, 45 The next time I’m late for work I swallow my usual ADHD excuse. Lees verder
Nuria, 22 This event completely changed my life; I closed off from the world. Lees verder
Selena, 37 No matter which step you’re on, keep climbing them, regardless of the difficulty. Lees verder
Joan, 43 I start panicking. I’m thinking: what if I faint? Lees verder
Caroline, 48 I managed to compose myself to the outside world, but inside I was screaming. Lees verder
Lydia (41), mother of Sam (10) It was really helpful to be able to talk our matters through with someone in our own language, that made all the difference to us. Lees verder
Tim, 25 For the first time, I was challenged to... Lees verder
Jeniffer, 17 I felt very self concious, constantly worrying about my appearance and saying the wrong things. It made me feel pretty low all the time. Lees verder