Dutch healthcare system


"The Dutch healthcare system makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland...."


Dutch healthcare system

Do I need a Dutch health insurance?

It is a legal obligation for everyone who is registered as living in the Netherlands to be insured for healthcare through a Dutch health insurance company (within four months of entering the Netherlands) except for expatriates working for certain international organisations and embassies or those with employment that qualifies due to social security amounts being paid in another country. Please visit the English website of the Dutch government for information on Dutch Health insurance.

I have a Dutch or EHIC health insurance

If you are insured through a Dutch health insurance company (zorgverzekeraar) or hold a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and have an insurance number on record, we will send the bill directly to your insurance company. Please note that the health insurance company can send you a bill to (partly) pay for the costs, the amount depends on your coverage. Please, check your policy in advance.

I have a foreign/international health insurance

If you are insured through a foreign or international insurance company, the invoice will be sent to you directly. You must pay the invoice yourself, whereafter you can claim costs back from the company you are insured with. The extent to which the invoiced amount for the consultation and services will be reimbursed by your insurance company will depend on your coverage. We recommend that you consult your health insurance company regarding refunds of psychological therapies. Please, check your policy in advance.

PsyQ International also accepts requests from privately paying individuals.

What are the treatment fees?

The fees for treatment are determined by law by the Health Service Tariff Tribunal (College Tarieven Gezondheidszorg). The ministry of VWS, Dutch ministry of Health, has instructed that treatments are not charged separately or per session, but in a diagnose treatment combination (DBC). A DBC contains the whole course of treatment from your first consultation up to the last contact. All expenses of the direct and indirect activities (e.g. writing a report or treatment plan) concerning your treatment have been accumulated in a specified code known as the DBC-code. The price of a DBC is determined by a department of the ministry of health and is based on the diagnosis and the average costs of a comparable treatment. The invoice will only be drawn up and sent when all treatments have been ended or if a period of 365 days has been exceeded. For more information about the DBC rates 2017 click here.

Treatment fees within the Dutch health care system include all services and will be invoiced periodically or at the end of the treatment.

It is difficult to forecast the treatment cost because the diagnosis and following treatment are not always known in advance of your treatment. You are welcome to consult us for a cost estimate, but please be aware that the final costs may vary from price estimates given previously.