Personality Disorders

Each person has their own personality with its own characteristics and peculiarities. We talk of a personality disorder only if those characteristics and peculiarities are causing you trouble and negatively affect your relationships, work performance and life in general.

If you have a personality disorder chances are that you may have had treatment before but this did not have a lasting effect, or if it did have a lasting effect, other complaints have since surfaced. 



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General symptoms

There are 10 specific types of personality disorders.  They have in common that they all show long term patterns of thinking, feeling, interacting and behaving, usually starting in early adulthood, which seriously hinder your performance in several areas in your life such as relationships, work or school, emotional wellbeing and self esteem.

Examples of complaints or symptoms are:

  • Recurring conflicts with the people around you
  • Inability to structure your life, or find direction in life
  • Difficulty in regulating strong emotions
  • Aggressive outbursts and impulsivity
  • Easily feeling left out or rejected
  • Feeling unable to make your own choices and always needing someone there to support and take care of you
  • Compulsively needing to control everything in your life
  • Feeling you have always been different and have never belonged
  • Problems forming and or maintaining intimate relationships