Privacy statement (Parnassia Groep)

Privacy statement Parnassia Groep

This short Privacy Statement provides a basis for the Privacy Policy of Parnassia Groep and serves as a starting point for the manner in which we handle personal data.

The privacy statement is summarised in ten statements:

  1. Parnassia Groep processes personal data for the performance of its tasks and services under the articles of association.
  2. Parnassia Groep only processes personal data if there is alegal basis.  
  3. Parnassia Groep shall determine in advance the purposes for the processing of personaldata and shall not use personal data for purposes otherthan those defined.  
  4. Parnassia Groep is committed to privacy and therefore operates in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Parnassia Groep has also appointed an independent Data Protection Officer according to the requirements of the GDPR.
  5. When processing all personal data, adequate technical and organisational measures are taken to protect them.
  6. Parnassia Groep assesses the risks associated with the use of personal data for each processing operation, taking into account the laws and regulations applicable to such processing.  
  7. Parnassia Groep defines retention periods for all personal data used, and does not retain personal data for longer than necessary. In doing so, Parnassia Groep complies with all relevant laws and regulations, for example the GDPR and the Medical Treatment Contracts Act (WGBO).  
  8. Parnassia Groep shall communicate clearly and transparently on the use of personal data and inform data subjects in language comprehensible to them of their rights with respect to the use of their data.  
  9. Parnassia Groep shall, in collaboration with third parties, take appropriate measures with respect to security and privacy on the part of those parties and shall lay down those measures in data processor agreements. Parnassia Groep expects third parties to maintain at least the same level of privacy as Parnassia Groep.  
  10. Parnassia Groep shall only share personal data withthird parties when this is necessary for the performance of its services or when this is required by other legislation. Parnassia Groep will never sell personal data to third parties.

More information?

Do you still have questions after reading this information? Please contact the independent DataProtection Officer:
Martin van Rijswijk (DPO number 000339 Data Protection Authority)
T: 088 – 357 1 357 |

The Hague, 18 June 2018