Componence Asset List

Zorgdomein Your GP has 2 ways of referring you to us. Either by referring you directly, or by referring via Zorgdomein. Please be aware that it will take... Read more
Xpat Journal Health Edition! Our colleague Ericka Solis wrote an article in the Xpat Journal. Read more
Xpat journal In the summer edition of the Xpat Journal we wrote an interesting article about the Dutch healthcare system: it can make you feel like Alice... Read more
Working with us Whether you are a Psychologist, Healthcare/Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Psychiatrist or other medical or non-medical professional, we... Read more
Will my information be securely sent over the internet? PsyQ International strives to take all the security measures possible. However, there are always inherent risks associated with processing personal... Read more
Will I get medication? Medication can be considered and when necessary prescribed in consultation with the Psychiatrist. Read more
Which personal information will be used? The following personal information will be used: Biographical and identification information Information for the health insurer (para)medical and... Read more
When can I call to schedule an appointment or ask a question? You can call on weekdays between 8.30 am and 5 pm. Read more

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