Componence Asset List

Article about running therapy on February 2015 (link toevoegen)

Presentation by professor Erik Hoencamp, psychiatrist at PsyQ International, highlighted the fallacy of separating somatic pathology and psychopathology. While somatic and psychological symptomology are often classified and treated separately, they in fact often co-occur and have the same etiological underpinning. Treating them as separate entities may in fact only reinforce the stigmatization often associated with psychopathology. (link toevoegen)

Presentation by Tony Brouwer, director of the International Health Centre in the Hague, focused on expat client expectations and increasing expat client satisfaction within healthcare (link toevoegen)

Article AD Haagsche Courant september 2014 (link toevoegen)

 Article about feeling isolated or have difficulties adapting in 'Feel at home in The Hague' – wintermagazine 2014/2015 (link toevoegen)