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Construction work around PsyQ International Unfortunately there will be construction work on the Raamweg and Wassenaarseweg for the next few months, which means that it will be harder to... Lees verder
Chloé Ansari Moein Medical Director / Psychiatrist Ms. Ansari is medical director and psychiatrist at PsyQ International The Hague. Ms. Ansari was raised in an... Lees verder
Celebration! To celebrate the move of PsyQ International The Hague to the new location we had a celebration at the office together with our colleagues from the... Lees verder
Caroline, 48 I managed to compose myself to the outside world, but inside I was screaming. Lees verder
Carien Pille Ms. Carien Pille is the managing director of PsyQ International The Hague. Lees verder
Can I bring my husband/wife/parent to the intake or session? If you feel more comfortable you are welcome to bring a family member/ partner to the first appointment (i.e., intake). After consulting with you,... Lees verder

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