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Schizotypal personality disorder The core problem of the schizotypal personality is a fear of and an estrangement from reality. You might have always felt different and not at home... Read more
Schizoid personality disorder If you have a schizoid personality disorder you do not feel any need or wish to be in relationships. You prefer your own company and are most at... Read more
Samar Al Zayer Mrs. Samar Al Zayer is a Psychologist at PsyQ International. Read more
Ricarda Proppert Ms. Ricarda Proppert is a psychology intern at PsyQ International. Read more
René Cané Molinari Mr. René Cané Molinari is a Psychologist at PsyQ International The Hague and Eindhoven. Read more
Registration Please fill in our online admission form . Our secretary will contact you within five working days after receiving your admission form. They... Read more
Publications Article about running therapy on February 2015 (link toevoegen) Presentation by professor Erik Hoencamp, psychiatrist at PsyQ... Read more
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