“I’m not a loner-type but it’s just not easy to make close friends here. Ever since I moved here I feel like I don’t fit in”

Overwhelmed Overwhelmed

Acculturation is a term that describes the process of cultural and psychological  change that results following a meeting of cultures, which for expats involves moving to a new country. Acculturative stress refers tot he psychological, somatic, and social difficulties that may accompany acculturation processes, often manifested in anxiety, depression and other forms of mental and physical maladaptation. Contributing factors include food, homesickness, social isolation, language barriers, customs, weather, transportation, services available and the treatment of foreigners. Expats face a challenge tot heir mental and physical health as stressors that affect them are not only new and unfamiliar but moreover the coping skills that helped in their home country may not work in the new country.

Adjusting to a new culture away from usual comforts can evoke feelings of helplessness, as one suddenly experiences a loss of control that results from the culture shock. In order to adjust to a new culture, many factors play a role. Some of these are the work situation, one’s relational skills and motivational state as well as courage and risk taking. Spouses of the relocating expat may feel more acculturative stress, feeling more socially isolated due to not having colleagues. Learning to understand that it is possible to identify with the new as well as the previous culture can prevent acculturative stress. When change is interpreted as a threat, experiencing acculturative stress is likely. If you, your spouse of children are struggling with the move to the Netherlands, please contact PsyQ International. We are here to support you.

Treatment Treatment

At PsyQ International we provide high quality evidence-based treatments according to the multidisciplinary guidelines and best practices. We tailor your treatment plan to your own specific needs as an individual. Our treatments are as brief as possible but as intensive as necessary. Our expert team works together to provide a personalised combination of medical treatment and specialised therapies for each individual client.

At PsyQ International you can be involved in both individual and group therapy. Individual treatment consists of face-to-face therapy sessions with a specialist, additional telephone or e-contact and possible group therapy. Throughout individual therapy we make use of different methods like cognitive behavioural therapy, schema therapy or interpersonal psychotherapy.
In group therapy the learning or teaching of practical skills and contact with other individuals who have similar experiences or problems are beneficial to each individual’s progress. During group therapy you can exchange experiences, receive recognition and discover tips. Research has shown how effective group therapy is.

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