"I realized that it was not that I didn’t want to go on without him.

I did. It was just that I didn’t know why I wanted to go on”

Stuck in grief

Bereavement is a distressing but common experience. Sooner or later most of us will suffer the death of someone important to us.

We grieve after any sort of loss, but most powerfully after the death of a loved one. It is not just one feeling, but a whole succession of feelings, for which time is needed to get through and which cannot be hurried. In general, grief, no matter how painful, will gradually get easier with time.

However, it may occur that we get ‘stuck’ in our grief or that the grief is so overwhelming that it destabilizes a person to the extent they can no longer function. In this case it may be helpful to speak to one of our therapists at PsyQ International. Our therapists will help you work through the many different emotions that you are experiencing and further support you in finding a new balance in your life.


Treatment for bereavement focuses on processing emotions associated with grief. Sometimes strong emotional reactions interfere with a healthy grieving process. These emotional reactions can be debilitating.  At PsyQ International we draw on a variety of treatment methods to help you identify and work through emotions that are getting the way of a healthy grief  process including methods from cognitive behavioural therapy, schema therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy.

All of our treatments are quality evidence-based and are according to the multidisciplinary guidelines and best practices. Our treatment plans are tailored to your own specific needs as an individual and are as brief as possible but as intensive as necessary. Our expert team work together to provide a personalised combination of medical treatment and specialised therapies for each individual client.

Experience stories

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