Child related issues


"'I don’t know what to answer when people ask me where I am from."

"I love my new life in the Netherlands, but my child feels homesick, gloomy and has become rebellious"

Growing up

PsyQ Young is located in The Hague and provides psychological services for expatriate children and adolescents age 4-18. As for adults, moving abroad and living in a different country can be emotionally demanding and stressful for children. It may lead to emotional and behavioural changes which hinder them in their daily lives and that of their families. However, the problems that a child experiences may not necessarily be related to the expatriate experience, but be part of their individual development.

PsyQ Young Internationals is a team of professionals within PsyQ International in The Hague that is specialised in assessment and treatment of childrens' mental health problems. We have good contacts with the international schools in the The Hague area and if needed we collaborate with school counsellors or teachers.

Experience stories

Lydia (41), mother of Sam (10) It was really helpful to be able to talk our matters through with someone in our own language, that made all the difference to us. Lees verder
Jeniffer, 17 I felt very self concious, constantly worrying about my appearance and saying the wrong things. It made me feel pretty low all the time. Lees verder


We provide high quality evidence-based treatments according to the multidisciplinary guidelines and best practices. At PsyQ International we tailor your treatment plan to your own specific needs as an individual. Our treatments are as brief as possible but as intensive as necessary. Our expert team work together to provide a personalised combination of medical treatment and/or specialised therapies for each individual client.

Upon referral, an interview with the child/adolescent and the parent(s)/guardian(s) will take place, in order to assess the nature of the mental health problems of your child and to tailor needs for treatment. If necessary an additional individual psychological assessment, psychiatric or family assessment can be advised. Subsequently, one of the therapists of our multidisciplinairy team will work together with you towards treatment goals that are agreed.

Common reasons of referral to PsyQ Young are: general or specific anxiety, lowered mood, withdrawn behaviour, problems with anger, hyperactivity and concentration problems,  disturbed sleep, low confidence, difficulties in social interaction and medically unexplained physical symptoms.