“Moving abroad was going to be such an adventure, the two of us together. But it’s just fighting and pain every day … It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

Should we stay together or not?

Is it still worth fighting for..?''

Relationships Relationships

With moving to a new country, couples and families often experience high levels of stress. Family members can provide effective support for each other to cope with the challenges. But sometimes the stress is too high and can lead to difficulties in communicating and conflicts in  relationship.

Expat couples and families can experience a wide range of pressures and challenges: working for an Interantional company, raising children in a new and unknown environment, leaving friends and extended family behind and being without social network and support, as well as dealing with loss and change. The impact of these issues on a relationship can be overwhelming and difficult to manage without help.

If you and your partner are experiencing any of the following problems or situations, professional help may be beneficial:

  • High levels of conflict or tension
  • Difficulty in making decisions both partners can support
  • Mixed feelings about continuing your relationship
  • Loss of employment
  • Financial problems and difficulty agreeing about finances
  • Dealing with the problems your child may be having
  • Sexual dissatisfaction
  • An extra-marital affair
  • Depression or other emotional problems of one or both partners
  • Problems with the extended family
  • A pending divorce or separation
  • The need to plan for shared custody of children

PsyQ International provides professional help for couples and families and offers relationship counselling and family (also called system) therapy.

Treatment Treatment

At PsyQ International we provide high quality evidence-based treatments according to the multidisciplinary guidelines and best practices. We tailor your treatment plan to your own specific needs as an individual. Our treatments are as brief as possible but as intensive as necessary. Our expert team works together to provide a personalised combination of psychological treatment and specialised therapies for each client.

This makes it possible, that beside individual psychotherapy, also the relational issues can be addressed. If it is necessary, the individual and the relationship counselling are offered in combination and this can positively influence the effect of both. The relational part entails quite often the relationship with your partner. The techniques of counselling and system therapy also can be used if there are problems on a broader family level, and not just between the partners. If there are children below 18 years involved, we have the possibility to work in close collaboration with YOUNG International (our Child & Adolescent department for international children).

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