Depression and mood disorders


"I am not living. I am surviving.

Like I belong somewhere else, anywhere but here. I feel so tired, empty and I don’t know why…"


Everyone is familiar with feeling down or sad. Generally these feelings pass and are nothing to worry about. Sometimes, however, they can continue for weeks or even months. If this is the case it may be due to a depression.

Symptoms that may indicate a depression include:

  • lack of interest in people or events
  • inability to experience pleasure from activities usually found enjoyable
  • lack of energy
  • sleep defict or excessive sleeping
  • anxiety
  • tension
  • excessive or lack of appetite
  • feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • problems with concentration or memory
  • repetitive thoughts of death or suicide

PsyQ International provides professional care for people suffering from a depression.


We provide high quality evidence-based treatments according to the multidisciplinary guidelines and best practices. We tailor your treatment plan to your own specific needs as an individual. Our treatments are as brief as possible but as intensive as necessary. Our expert team works together to provide a personalised combination of medical treatment and specialised therapies for each individual client.

At PsyQ International you can be involved in both individual and group therapy. Individual treatment consists of face-to-face therapy sessions with a specialist, additional telephone or e-contact and possible group therapy. Throughout individual therapy we make use of different methods like cognitive behavioural therapy, schema therapy or interpersonal psychotherapy.

In group therapy the learning or teaching of practical skills and contact with other individuals who have similar experiences or problems are beneficial to each individual’s progress. During group therapy you can exchange experiences, receive recognition and discover tips. Research has shown how effective group therapy is. At PsyQ International we put special effort in organising groups that meet the needs of our international clients and that will help them to overcome common psychological difficulties that they may be confronted with when having to move and adapt to a new environment.

Experience stories

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